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  • Five Tips to Boost Ecommerce Sales via Email Marketing

    Email marketing is far from obsolete even after the advent of social media profiles. According to a source, about 93% of B2B marketers use email marketing to distribute content. In addition, the number of active email accounts is bound to reach about 5.6 billion in the running year (2019).

    Owing to the evolution of e-commerce and the benefits associated with its establishment in the Emirates, email marketing has also become an important tool to help boost sales... But it's not just email marketing that works for consumers. Its effective email marketing!

    boost ecommerce sales via email marketing

    And effective email marketing requires plenty of research, tips, and tricks only the best email marker are familiar with. The article below highlights some tips when considering effective email marketing for ecommerce stores.

    How to boost ecommerce sales via email marketing

    Email marketing is all about understanding the needs of customers, catering to their various needs and sending out short and effective messages that are consistent and right according to the customer’s requirements. The article highlights some essential tips that can help boost sales for ecommerce stores by using effective email marketing:

    Understand the needs of your target audience

    Understanding the requirements of the audience is perhaps the most important tip for ecommerce store owners. Whatever e-mail messages are sent out to the audience need to be relevant to their interests.

    Although store owners may feel tempted to send the same message to the entire list, however, customers are different, and so the emails they receive should be according to their respective needs. A targeted email is bound to increase the revenue compared to random emails. The need for recognizing different needs requires segmentation.

    Segment your audience

    Age, gender, geographical location, and buyer personas are all important segmentation categories and can be used to send relevant emails. Segmentation in the email list is known to show an increase in the open rates, better deliverability, and lower spam complaints.

    Segmentation can be done for a mailing list by studying survey results, purchase cycles and sending regular emails.

    Send regular emails

    No e-commerce store owner wants to be called a spammer, which is why they hardly get across any emails. However, people who subscribe to the content willingly signed up for it which makes it totally okay to send them regularly, relevant emails.

    In addition, many people still check their emails regularly, which makes it all the more Important to write to them regularly and update them about your products.

    Keep it short

    The emails sent out to potential buyers should catch the interest of the recipient. The email messages should be clear and concise so that the readers can act as quickly as possible. In addition, the content added should be simple and encouraging the reader to take action.

    Use bullets to identify important information and opt for a major call to action rather than multiple ones.

    Make the subject line count

    It's critical to connect with readers on an emotional level giving them something to relate to when they read the emails. Keep the writing as natural as possible to assure them that it is a human indeed that's reaching out to them. The subject line should be short and concise. Opt for a subject line that’s between six to ten words. And always add humor If it goes with your brand strategy.

    Take Away

    Before the advent of social media sites and pages, email marketing was essential. However, even with the presence of social media sites, email marketing holds its special place in the ecommerce industry. Email marketing isn't merely a haphazard collection of words sent out to the customers. It requires strategy and numerous considerations before the email is finally sent out. 

    Opt for expert email marketing companies in Dubai and let the professional demonstrate how and what you should send out in the name of email marketing! With professionals working on your email marketing strategies your ecommerce store is bound to become a direct competitor of some of the biggest UAE ecommerce stores!  

  • Old SEO Trends You Should Stop Following Now

    “Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.” – Jill Whalen

    It’s true that SEO practices change over time. Old practices like keyword stuffing and using phony images, etc. are dead now. As a site owner, it is critical to go with the latest techniques to beat competitors. Otherwise, your website may disappear from the search engine ranking.

    And you know well what disappearance or low ranking means. It signifies low web traffic, thus lower leads and no sales conversions. These two things are the nightmares for website owners because no or low rating kills the entire purpose of making a website.

    Outdated SEO practices you should stop following now

    Therefore, be aware of the latest SEO trends. You should know which practices are in and which ones are out! It is a compulsion as you want to improve your ranking.

    For this purpose, first of all, choose the best Dubai SEO services company to increase your search engine ranking. Professional SEO companies provide excellent support to help you grab more traffic to up your sales.

    Read on about the old SEO practices that are dead now.

    Outdated SEO practices you should stop following now

    Did you know the SEO practices in 2015 are different from the trends today? The reason is search engine strategies keep on changing rapidly. If you are not aware of the new practices, your website is at risk of lagging behind.

    Here the worn-out SEO trends to stop using them in 2019.

    Keyword Stuffing

    A few years ago, SEO experts encouraged to repeat a keyword multiple times in the content. The repetition made it difficult for the readers to understand and grab the meaning of the whole article. The practice called keyword stuffing caught Google’s attention which put a stop on this technique right away by introducing the Panda algorithm.

    While using keywords is still essential today, but you can’t repeat a keyword more than 3% in an article. It means in a 500-word web content; the new keyword repetition limit is 2 to 3 times.

    “Click Here”

    In the past, ‘click here’ buttons used to take users to another landing page or site. “Click here” buttons are still in practice today, but the buttons have low worth now. The reason is readers have no idea about what the link is about.

    Previously, ‘click here’ links were also misused by spammers and hackers. So, the linking method to use the generic phrase (click here) is not useful anymore. If you still want to create a hyperlink, use a specific name to indicate where the link is leading to.

    Difficult to Read or Artsy Fonts

    Previously, some websites used overly artistic fonts to show a brand’s personality. While they did add uniqueness, but the problem was artsy fonts were difficult to read. So, they posed a risk of repelling website traffic.

    Today, the new trend is to use simpler, easy to read font. It keeps the users happy and proves your professionalism. The easier, the better!

    Low Quality, Copied Photos

    Many websites still use copied photographs from other sites and mediums. But professional businesses are avoiding the usage of low quality, pixelated images. Moreover, image optimization was not a standard before. Today, it is a must to improve ranking.


    Old SEO practices have gone stale now. For instance, keyword stuffing, phony images, and artsy fonts have lost their worth now. It’s because SEO trends keep upgrading with time. To keep up with these trends is highly essential for businesses to avoid losing their Google rating.

    Therefore, if you are a UAE business firm or entrepreneur, hire the best SEO service providers to stay on top of the Google ranking. It is a must if you want to increase your traffic rate and sales!


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  • Top 3 Essential Features a Good Content Management System Must Have

    Websites are the digital representation of a company and people would want to have a comprehensive package when they open up a site. A website is also your marketing machine because people are not only looking for products for themselves but if they like the website, then they can be your advertisers as well as helping you grow business.

    One of the crucial things which a business owner needs to consider while building a website is the content management system. The choice of good content management system (CMS) can be tricky, but one can handle it quickly if the requirements are predefined before making the selection.

    Features of a good content management system

    Different requirements will need different features to deal, and not everyone can understand this unless they are expert in development. If you are not pro in the development then hiring best web development company Dubai to help you have the best CMS. This article is also going to discuss some of the must-have features for a good content management system.

    Features of a good content management system:

    When you own a business, then you would want to choose a website which is representative of your theme and services. CMS can be tricky to handle if the requirement of the site is not according to the selection. You need to be careful about the selection process, and there are certain things you need to consider so that they are complementing each other.

    Following are some essential elements which each good content management system must incorporate:

    Basic functionality:

    When you are using content management then the first thing is that people can add, edit or delete the website pages as per their demand and requirements. But that is not the case in all situations, and you need to make sure that you have selected the content management which provides the core functionality you require.


    Another important thing which one needs to consider while selecting the content management system is the option for customization. There are systems which are rigid in nature, and then it becomes monotonous and hard to use those because you can’t change much.  When you are making a selection, then make sure that select the one which is easy to use and comply with the latest advancements in the field.


    A good content management system must be easy and simple to use for the end user. When you are selecting a system, then keep in mind the end user. Your development team might be able to handle complex tasks, but most of your targeted audience might not be able to do that. Thus it is essential that your process is easy for non-technical people as well so that they can also use efficiently.

    Final words:

    Websites are easy to see, but efficient ones come on the surface with a lot of efforts and thoughts. When you are selecting a content management system, then make sure that it has the features mentioned in the article, and if you are not able to incorporate in the website development, then you have to take the professional help from top-notch web development companies in Dubai because they are simply the best in town.


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  • 6 Tips For The Best DIY Craft-Store Website Design Template

    If you’re planning on launching a website for your DIY crafts products and you’ve realized you may need the appropriate template for your site this article might be the right read for you! The template for your website plays a huge role in conveying your message to the consumer!

    The year 2017 remained an ideal one for startups in the MENA region. The commercial sphere of the Gulf is growing as new startups breathe their first in the region. To reach out to its customer globally and locally, websites remain an essential startup tool today.

    Craft Website Design

    Moreover, the professional website templates hide the fact that the business may be a startup adding to the credibility of the brand! You need help with the website template though.

    Hire the best website designing companies can help you out in this regard. From the choice of the right website template to web development! You’re fully covered if you hire professionals for the job!

    Tips to choose a professional template for craft website design!

    Your startup may be new in the market, but it doesn't have to convey its lack of customers experience in the market. A professionally designed website can help your startup pretend you’ve been selling for a while and you know what your customers want.

    Use the tips below to help you choose the best DIY craft website design:

    1) Know the type of website you’re building

    This is a given! Be clear on what products/services you’re trying to convey to your viewers. When starting out its normal to be "wooed" by the attractive templates available online.  It's important to focus and choose a theme that’s best for your theme and products.

    2) Consider costs

    There's a wide variety of template available in the market that could suit your site. However, it's important to consider the variety of costs involved including your money, your time and effort.  Since you’re a DIY crafter, you need time to spend on your products which makes it all the more practical to opt for customizable websites that are easier to change.

    3) Be patient!

    Websites come with their own excitement, but it's important to not start with a template right away. To make your site a success, do your due diligence because adding features later may be more difficult than perceived. Moreover, you may have to start over again!

    4) Consider website customization

    The customization is essential to make your website stand out among competitors. Depending upon the purpose of your site, developers can incorporate flexibility in your site. If you feel the need for a possibility of change in the future, opt for more flexibility in your template design.

    5) Choose Responsive designs

    Outdated website design is a flop website design! Responsive design for a website allows the site to be displayed over a range of devices; PCs, handheld devices etc. Most templates today incorporate these features, so it's essential to opt for one too!

    6) Choose SEO-friendly templates

    Good website content alone doesn’t necessarily mean you'll be ranking high on the search engine. You require essential SEO techniques that can help optimize your website and craft blog content rank better on search engines.

    Easy navigation and solid hierarchy are features that promote SEO friendly nature of the site. Also avoid using a wide variety of templates for your pages!

    Take away!

    Choosing a professional website template may seem easy, but with a DIY crafts store needing your attention, you may not be able to do the due diligence required! No worries though!

    Choose the best website designing company in Dubai, and allow them to weave their magic! With experts doing the job you sure will never regret making this decision!


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  • Critical Reasons To Opt For SEO Services For Your Travel Website

    An increased number of people are now travelling across the world to take their dream vacations, work or to spend time with their loved ones. Regardless of where they're flying to, travel websites have made it really easy for its users to make their travel arrangements online!

    SEO Services for Travel Website And Blog

    More and more people now prefer booking through the internet rather than visiting the airlines' office. Increased internet connectivity in the UAE and Bahrain and the increased use of smartphones are two of the main reasons that people are now opting for online travel sites for their plans.

    When it comes to making travel plans, it's not just any website people will purchase from. Similar to any other searches made on the Internet, people tend to rely on the ones that seem most reliable, and those that are often located on the first page of the search results!

    The best SEO services company in Dubai can ensure that your travel websites are one of the most reliable and the most viewed sites, ensuring that your travel business never sees dark days!

    Why Consider SEO Services for Your Travel Website and Blog

    Given below are some critical reasons that why SEO services are crucial for your travel blog and website.

    Your website gets more leads

    The whole purpose of SEO is to keep your travel website or blog appear in the top of searches in the search engine results when people search for specific keywords. This allows a number of more qualified leads for your business.

    Needless to say and unfortunately for you, in the absence of any worthwhile rankings corresponding to your business keywords, a huge chunk of potential customers may be leaving the website without even opening it.

    It’s important to be ahead of the game because despite the presence of large travel websites, potential customers, before they begin to plan trips always head to search engines first.

    It’s bound to grow your business

    Firstly imagine the number of people that will be going through your website when it appears on the top searches of Google. Numerous people will get a chance to view your website increasing the audience to your page.

    Continuous traffic over a period of time can work wonders for businesses and generate amazing growth opportunities for them. This would be impossible in the case of minimal traffic and sporadic views by users.

    It’s cheaper than other advertising

    Despite the presence of other techniques that could help keep the traffic for your page up and always increasing, SEO provides a comparatively more cost-effective way to keep the traffic rolling through your page.

    Some may argue that SEO isn't very inexpensive, and there are numerous costs involved. However, in the long run, SEO appears to be a better investment to make for the promotion of your business!

    It builds a user experience

    The best SEO experts can help suggest you better structure for your website to ensure a higher rate of conversions. Since they are aware of changing trends in SEO, experts are ahead of your site and have in their mind how changes need to be made in order to enhance user experiences. They make sure that both the search engines and your final customer are pleased with your efforts!

    Along with the SEO, it's important to maintain your travel website, but if you’re unaware about how to do that read how web maintenance can help out your travel website to know more.

    Take Away

    The travel industry is huge and so is the world of SEO. While you worry about the travel industry, let professionals in SpiralClick in Dubai worry about the SEO for your website! Investing in the right people for the job will be a decision you will never regret!



  • How Web Maintenance Can Help Out Your Travel Website

    Web Maintenance for Travel Website


    According to statistics, 53% of the consumers buy their holidays online however they are often discouraged by unclear pricing. And 13% think booking processes take to along or the checkout process is too complicated. 7% report issues with payments and unavailable options.

    User-friendly websites and the use of content that the use of accurate and useful information can help keep consumers on the website. Website maintenance is more important compared to the creation of a website, and numerous companies offer their maintenance services for companies regardless of their size.

    Opt for well-reputed web maintenance companies in Dubai that offer a wide array of services that can help with maintenance of your site and its content, keeping consumers tuned to your site and making sure they purchase from your website!

    What can web maintenance services help your travel website with!

    Here is a list of ways a web maintenance service can help put your travel website and business:

    Update information and pictures

    Imagine visiting a travel website today in order to book a ticket to Sweden! Imagine going through the same website the next year only to see that the ticket prices haven't changed a bit! A call to the relevant authority informs you that the prices haven't been changed, but they've increased! 

    Not only is it disappointing but it's a major turn off, and you might not even consider travelling with the flyer! Updated information is always a valued asset in the smallest of organisations. Imagine a multinational firm that hasn't updated its information regarding tickets and the impact it would have on their business and customers! 

    That's even scarier than having snakes on a plane which is why it is important to hire a firm that helps update all the content on your website ensuring that your website only relays the most relevant and recently updated information. 

    Removal of website glitches

    A glitch in the network, a broken link, wrong information; may seem harmless, but for the travel industry, the smallest mistake may result in some hefty damages. Although these glitches cannot be avoided, it is critical that they are fixed ASAP. Hiring the best web maintenance personnel allows you to identify these glitched and allows fixing before it causes irreversible monetary and reputation damages to the carrier. 

    If you choose the right professional you hiring them to provide you 24.7 support for your website and you can rest assured that all your content will always be up to date and your site remains free of glitches and errors.

    Providing performance reports

     A website is just a website on the World Wide Web unless it’s able to cater to the needs of the clients and people who access it. The lack of a monitoring system may affect the utility and the benefits that can be knocked off the website.

    An effective monitoring system in place helps monitor the website and its performance and can allow business to work on the way they attract consumers to their business.

    Update and secure online booking system!

    Consumers turn to the website for convenience among many other reasons. With more and more customers turning towards online and even last minute bookings it is essential that your online booking system remains up to date.

    Since travel sites also ask for payment information, it is critical that any bugs and glitches malwares be detected and removed regularly in order to sustain an environment that is secure and allows customers to shop without any hesitation.

    On a side note, it is important to ensure that your consumer information is secure. Opt for cybersecurity services for your company and ensure that consumer data remains safe.


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    Departing words!

    The creation of your business website may be the final flight to the land of success. However, any turbulence midflight may cause problems for your passengers that have chosen to travel with you. Opt for professional services offering website maintenance and let the experienced professional sort out the turbulence and provide your passengers with a turbulence-free flight experience! 


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  • 4 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Startup Website

    Web pages today are more than just a few notes on the World Wide Web. Websites are an important aspect of businesses whether it's a startup or a multimillion-dollar business. Whether it's a service-oriented business or one selling products, web pages are an essential tool that can take your business from local to global.

    When designing a website for your startup, extensive information is available over the World Wide Web regarding the things you can do to make your web age appealing! However, this article focuses on some features you absolutely should avoid if you're heading a startup and trying to work out ways to attract a higher number of viewers.

    Mistakes To Avoid On Your Startup Website

    If designing isn’t for you, most companies that offer web design services can help you out with the structure of your website. Some companies providing services in web design Dubai handle everything singlehandedly. Form the creation of the website to any apps that you may want for your startups in the future.

    4 Things to avoid when building your webpage

    1. Barriers to entry

    Some good examples of barrier to entry include: 

    • The need for customers to  register with the website to receive newsletter
    • Filling in credit card details before customers  can access your products
    • Filling of forms  on websites without any appropriate reason

    Despite the utility of each of these and plenty more barriers, a startup website needs to be available for everyone trying to access it.

    Users feel burdened by the extra forms they have to fill, the newsletters they have to sign up for, and there are higher chances of viewers leaving your site instead of providing the required information.

    2. Incompatibility to smart devices

    According to statistics, approximately 52% of the web traffic views sites through their mobile devices. This number specifies the importance of mobile compatible versions of your website so that more and more people can enjoy your website and your startup.

    Moreover ensure that your website is compatible with all the different devices that users use to access the internet, whether it’s your desktop, a smartphone or a tablet.

    3. Low-Quality imaging

    Startups often underestimate the use of high-quality mages. No matter how new your startup is! There's just no excuse for your startup webpage to have low-quality images, with bad lighting or watermarks visible.

    Opt for images that are high definition, without watermarks or more importantly original images of your products. High-quality images not only attract consumers to your products but they also make your page, and your business looks authentic.

    4. Long, wordy paragraphs

    Readers often ignore long, wordy paragraphs!  Don't use long, verbose messages to introduce your business, for product and service descriptions. Readers need to read this critical information and writing it within long paragraphs would leave it ignored.

    Use concise paragraphs spaced out uniformly across the page and short product and service descriptions in order to convey your messages effectively. Deliver your message to your customers by spacing the information out in different sections, but keeping each section short and concise.  

    Take Away

    In a world where most of the business is online, it is essential that your web presence speaks volumes to your customers. Not only do webpages have the ability to convert a potential buyer into a lifelong customer but it also can attract numerous customers from all around the world to your business.

    If you are not into designing your web pages, lack expertise or are too busy with other important aspects of the business, hire experts offering services of web design to spice up your web presence.

    Experts not only ensure that your website seems appealing to people but they provide multiple other services that your website could do well with!

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  • How Can SEO Benefit Small Business In Dubai

    If you are an owner of the small business and haven’t heard of the SEO services, then let me ask how you have reached this far?

    If you are a small business owner and need growth and development in the business, then SEO is your answer. It can give uncertain vibes at first because you cannot really predict if it is an actually right step or not.

    But the evidence does show that it has proven to be an essential aspect of business development and growth.


    SEO Benefit Small Business In Dubai


    Still unsure if SEO services will benefit your small business or not here are some of the benefits elaborating on how employing the services will be better for your business.

    Compete with the more prominent business:

    You are not going to stay small all your business life. The growth means you are going to have more customers and your targeted market will also expand.

    If you have goals to compete with the big names, then you can use SEO to aid you in that.


    If you are worried about the cost that will come along the implementation of the SEO, then you need to know that it will just require a decent investment.

    Start with a small investment, and if you see any positive results, then you can go more about it.

    Online reputation of your business:

    Even when you are not aware you are being checked every other minute.

    With SEO campaign implemented you are making sure that your website is visible more than other competitors. Plus there are so many fake profiles on the internet so with the good you can be sure that if someone searches out for your business, then they get hands on your official site.

    You just do not want to get lost in the sea of fake information.

    Expand on the markets:

    Even if you are operating in Dubai, you can always sell your services to other parts of UAE and beyond that as well. That is how powerful online marketing and tech advancement have become.

    The world of business is not a more online world where regardless of geographical location you can sell things.

    Enhance the usability and visibility of the business’s website:

    People with fast internet are not patient which means if they are not able to find your website then they are going to wait for it.

    With professional SEO services in Dubai, you can increase the visibility and usability of your site offering a top-notch experience to the users.

    More traffic on your business’s site:

    If you are not able to derive the traffic on your website then why you even have it. If you cannot approach the right people, who are going to buy the products then have it or not, does not make a difference.

    With SEO you can increase the ranking of your site and improve the traffic on your site.

    Concluding thoughts!

    SEO marketing is an exceptional resource for the small business owners in the city who are ready for the next level of development and growth. 


  • Search Engine Optimization - Tapping The Internet Potential

    If you were to look for something and were unable to find it where would you see? 95% people have answered that question with “looking it up on the internet.” Being the top search engine, Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second on an average. This turnover translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. Imagine the potential of the internet!

    The tapping of this immense potential is crucial for websites and businesses. Here is when Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in as a spider that makes it possible to climb all over the World Wide Web.

    Search Engine Optimization

    To make sure that your site is being seen, there is a dire need to optimize it in a way that ensures that your website pulls the required traffic of the desired audience.

    Dubai is the hub of businesses from all over the world, thus making it of utmost concern to have an online presence of its companies. This digital revolution accounts for why there is a sudden increased demand for SEO services in Dubai.

    Search Engine Optimization – What is it?

    SEO is the marketing disciple that focuses on the growth of the visibility by producing organic search engine results. It is the process for generating traffic from free, organic and natural search results on search engines.

    Search engine optimization encompasses both the technical and creative elements that aid in improving the rankings, drive traffic and increase credibility of websites in search engines.

    It is done by structuring the words on a web page in a way that they are linked back to your website. Remember, you won’t only need to make your website visible but also make sure that your website is flawless.

    Search engine optimization is mostly a matter of structuring your site in a way that is understandable to both search engines and users. Such SEO services make sure that businesses have an active online presence. 

    Digital marketing agencies are offering these services all over the world. One of the selling points of SEO services is that they can be carried out from anywhere in the world.

    Moreover, experts in the field do not require any other devices or tools. They can carry out their practices with only a system and an internet connection. Your client might be located in the states but would be availing SEO optimization services in UAE.

    Why do most companies opt for SEO Services?

    An SEO service provider helps businesses attain the online visibility. They help companies in the process of making changes to their website design and content that would make their site more professional and attractive.

    An attractive and professional website not only pulls the right traffic but also retains it. These companies make sure that a company’s website is well optimized for search engines like Google.

    A better-optimized site is more likely to rank for keywords or phrases that are relevant to the business or product being offered by the company.

    The expertise of search marketing companies allows them to have the specialized experience to help businesses rank on search engines. They have experts in different areas of search engine optimization, providing groundbreaking changes to the company’s online presence.

    These SEO professionals offer a vast array of services that are tailored specifically for the targeted audience and the needs of the company.

    These practices may vary from area to area as the target audience is different, for example, SEO services in Dubai will vary significantly from that of the other States.

    Search companies are functional by treating the client’s website as their own. They will take decisions for the client, as most clients do not have the know-how about the SEO policies and procedures. Their aim will be focused on improving the site’s performance to maximize the return on investment so that the client’s business meets its set goals.

    Identifying the flaws and altering them to perfection, SEO experts ensure that the client’s business has a better chance of a higher ranking on the search engine results page.

    Remember, the higher the content ranks for relevant keywords and phrases, the better chances it has for being viewed and generating leads.

    By identifying what benefits can be reaped by making changes to your website design and content, a professional SEO company will help increase your chances of ranking higher on all the major search engines.

  • Recommendations For Developing A Website

    Keeping pace with the latest technological trends can be quite challenging sometimes. It is an undeniable fact that for your prospects, your site is your business’ online face.

    With the rapid technological growth in the UAE, one has to be competitive when it comes to web development and designing as it influences your business credibility in the face of your clients.

    Remembering the fact that clients who surf online have a short time and in that time-constraint, you have to grab their attention.

    Recommendations For Developing A Website

    And, if you have failed to provide them with the compelling content and design, your business is doomed.

    They will leave your website immediately, and your sales will suffer stagnation.

    As a business owner, you have options either to outsource your web development in Dubai to professionals who have expertise in this area or to keep the task in-house.

    Whatever you choose, you have to keep in mind some of the necessary things when you are all set to develop your website.

    1) Why are you going for your website development?

    The first and foremost thing to consider here is what aims you are trying to achieve by your site. When your aims are clear, you will structure your web design accordingly.

    There could be many possible aims linked to your business site for instance,

    It can serve as an information hub for your new clients. They can get awareness about your business’ products and services.

    It can give information about your new promotions and packages to your existing clients

    It offers you online business opportunities (ecommerce)

    Your purpose can be one of the above or a combination of the above. But, one thing every business needs is sales because it is the productivity that ultimately matters. And, for this, your website matters a lot.

    2) You must have an appealing design

    The second important thing to consider is your website design. Quality design matters a lot for your company’s image. The best design must be clean, appealing and easy to navigate.

    A clean design prevents the viewer from unnecessary distractions, and they can focus on your brand and its offerings.

    Thus, it is necessary to provide a substantial user experience that facilitates their retention on the site.

    3) Show your Expertise

    One of the primary targets you can achieve through web development in Dubai is to illustrate your brand’s offerings and expertise appealingly.

    Unless your company’s potential is not echoed well through your site, your business’ aims will not be met.

    4) How to stand out from the competition?

    In today’s world, every business owns an online site to facilitate their clients. So, you have to provide something different to stand out from the crowd.

    For this, you must review what your arch rivals are doing. This will help you not only in refraining from mistakes they are doing but also give you ideas that your business can capitalize on.


    Technology is proliferating in the world in general and the United Arab Emirates in particular. Now people can search your business products and services while sitting and enjoying coffee at their homes.

    But, to appeal and retain your prospects on your site, your company’s online face matters a lot.

    For this, you must consider the recommendations mentioned above in mind when going for website development in the UAE.

    As a professional and quality design is a key to your business’ productivity, it is a well worth investment both regarding money and time.



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