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    Five Tips to Boost Ecommerce Sales via Email Marketing

    Email marketing is far from obsolete even after the advent of social media profiles. According to a source, about 93% of B2B marketers use email marketing to distribute content. In addition, the number of active email accounts is bound to reach about 5.6 billion in the running year (2019).

    Owing to the evolution of e-commerce and the benefits associated with its establishment in the Emirates, email marketing has also become an important tool to help boost sales... But it's not just email marketing that works for consumers. Its effective email marketing!

    boost ecommerce sales via email marketing

    And effective email marketing requires plenty of research, tips, and tricks only the best email marker are familiar with. The article below highlights some tips when considering effective email marketing for ecommerce stores.

    How to boost ecommerce sales via email marketing

    Email marketing is all about understanding the needs of customers, catering to their various needs and sending out short and effective messages that are consistent and right according to the customer’s requirements. The article highlights some essential tips that can help boost sales for ecommerce stores by using effective email marketing:

    Understand the needs of your target audience

    Understanding the requirements of the audience is perhaps the most important tip for ecommerce store owners. Whatever e-mail messages are sent out to the audience need to be relevant to their interests.

    Although store owners may feel tempted to send the same message to the entire list, however, customers are different, and so the emails they receive should be according to their respective needs. A targeted email is bound to increase the revenue compared to random emails. The need for recognizing different needs requires segmentation.

    Segment your audience

    Age, gender, geographical location, and buyer personas are all important segmentation categories and can be used to send relevant emails. Segmentation in the email list is known to show an increase in the open rates, better deliverability, and lower spam complaints.

    Segmentation can be done for a mailing list by studying survey results, purchase cycles and sending regular emails.

    Send regular emails

    No e-commerce store owner wants to be called a spammer, which is why they hardly get across any emails. However, people who subscribe to the content willingly signed up for it which makes it totally okay to send them regularly, relevant emails.

    In addition, many people still check their emails regularly, which makes it all the more Important to write to them regularly and update them about your products.

    Keep it short

    The emails sent out to potential buyers should catch the interest of the recipient. The email messages should be clear and concise so that the readers can act as quickly as possible. In addition, the content added should be simple and encouraging the reader to take action.

    Use bullets to identify important information and opt for a major call to action rather than multiple ones.

    Make the subject line count

    It's critical to connect with readers on an emotional level giving them something to relate to when they read the emails. Keep the writing as natural as possible to assure them that it is a human indeed that's reaching out to them. The subject line should be short and concise. Opt for a subject line that’s between six to ten words. And always add humor If it goes with your brand strategy.

    Take Away

    Before the advent of social media sites and pages, email marketing was essential. However, even with the presence of social media sites, email marketing holds its special place in the ecommerce industry. Email marketing isn't merely a haphazard collection of words sent out to the customers. It requires strategy and numerous considerations before the email is finally sent out. 

    Opt for expert email marketing companies in Dubai and let the professional demonstrate how and what you should send out in the name of email marketing! With professionals working on your email marketing strategies your ecommerce store is bound to become a direct competitor of some of the biggest UAE ecommerce stores!  


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