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    Old SEO Trends You Should Stop Following Now

    “Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.” – Jill Whalen

    It’s true that SEO practices change over time. Old practices like keyword stuffing and using phony images, etc. are dead now. As a site owner, it is critical to go with the latest techniques to beat competitors. Otherwise, your website may disappear from the search engine ranking.

    And you know well what disappearance or low ranking means. It signifies low web traffic, thus lower leads and no sales conversions. These two things are the nightmares for website owners because no or low rating kills the entire purpose of making a website.

    Outdated SEO practices you should stop following now

    Therefore, be aware of the latest SEO trends. You should know which practices are in and which ones are out! It is a compulsion as you want to improve your ranking.

    For this purpose, first of all, choose the best Dubai SEO services company to increase your search engine ranking. Professional SEO companies provide excellent support to help you grab more traffic to up your sales.

    Read on about the old SEO practices that are dead now.

    Outdated SEO practices you should stop following now

    Did you know the SEO practices in 2015 are different from the trends today? The reason is search engine strategies keep on changing rapidly. If you are not aware of the new practices, your website is at risk of lagging behind.

    Here the worn-out SEO trends to stop using them in 2019.

    Keyword Stuffing

    A few years ago, SEO experts encouraged to repeat a keyword multiple times in the content. The repetition made it difficult for the readers to understand and grab the meaning of the whole article. The practice called keyword stuffing caught Google’s attention which put a stop on this technique right away by introducing the Panda algorithm.

    While using keywords is still essential today, but you can’t repeat a keyword more than 3% in an article. It means in a 500-word web content; the new keyword repetition limit is 2 to 3 times.

    “Click Here”

    In the past, ‘click here’ buttons used to take users to another landing page or site. “Click here” buttons are still in practice today, but the buttons have low worth now. The reason is readers have no idea about what the link is about.

    Previously, ‘click here’ links were also misused by spammers and hackers. So, the linking method to use the generic phrase (click here) is not useful anymore. If you still want to create a hyperlink, use a specific name to indicate where the link is leading to.

    Difficult to Read or Artsy Fonts

    Previously, some websites used overly artistic fonts to show a brand’s personality. While they did add uniqueness, but the problem was artsy fonts were difficult to read. So, they posed a risk of repelling website traffic.

    Today, the new trend is to use simpler, easy to read font. It keeps the users happy and proves your professionalism. The easier, the better!

    Low Quality, Copied Photos

    Many websites still use copied photographs from other sites and mediums. But professional businesses are avoiding the usage of low quality, pixelated images. Moreover, image optimization was not a standard before. Today, it is a must to improve ranking.


    Old SEO practices have gone stale now. For instance, keyword stuffing, phony images, and artsy fonts have lost their worth now. It’s because SEO trends keep upgrading with time. To keep up with these trends is highly essential for businesses to avoid losing their Google rating.

    Therefore, if you are a UAE business firm or entrepreneur, hire the best SEO service providers to stay on top of the Google ranking. It is a must if you want to increase your traffic rate and sales!


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