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  • 4 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Startup Website

    Web pages today are more than just a few notes on the World Wide Web. Websites are an important aspect of businesses whether it's a startup or a multimillion-dollar business. Whether it's a service-oriented business or one selling products, web pages are an essential tool that can take your business from local to global.

    When designing a website for your startup, extensive information is available over the World Wide Web regarding the things you can do to make your web age appealing! However, this article focuses on some features you absolutely should avoid if you're heading a startup and trying to work out ways to attract a higher number of viewers.

    Mistakes To Avoid On Your Startup Website

    If designing isn’t for you, most companies that offer web design services can help you out with the structure of your website. Some companies providing services in web design Dubai handle everything singlehandedly. Form the creation of the website to any apps that you may want for your startups in the future.

    4 Things to avoid when building your webpage

    1. Barriers to entry

    Some good examples of barrier to entry include: 

    • The need for customers to  register with the website to receive newsletter
    • Filling in credit card details before customers  can access your products
    • Filling of forms  on websites without any appropriate reason

    Despite the utility of each of these and plenty more barriers, a startup website needs to be available for everyone trying to access it.

    Users feel burdened by the extra forms they have to fill, the newsletters they have to sign up for, and there are higher chances of viewers leaving your site instead of providing the required information.

    2. Incompatibility to smart devices

    According to statistics, approximately 52% of the web traffic views sites through their mobile devices. This number specifies the importance of mobile compatible versions of your website so that more and more people can enjoy your website and your startup.

    Moreover ensure that your website is compatible with all the different devices that users use to access the internet, whether it’s your desktop, a smartphone or a tablet.

    3. Low-Quality imaging

    Startups often underestimate the use of high-quality mages. No matter how new your startup is! There's just no excuse for your startup webpage to have low-quality images, with bad lighting or watermarks visible.

    Opt for images that are high definition, without watermarks or more importantly original images of your products. High-quality images not only attract consumers to your products but they also make your page, and your business looks authentic.

    4. Long, wordy paragraphs

    Readers often ignore long, wordy paragraphs!  Don't use long, verbose messages to introduce your business, for product and service descriptions. Readers need to read this critical information and writing it within long paragraphs would leave it ignored.

    Use concise paragraphs spaced out uniformly across the page and short product and service descriptions in order to convey your messages effectively. Deliver your message to your customers by spacing the information out in different sections, but keeping each section short and concise.  

    Take Away

    In a world where most of the business is online, it is essential that your web presence speaks volumes to your customers. Not only do webpages have the ability to convert a potential buyer into a lifelong customer but it also can attract numerous customers from all around the world to your business.

    If you are not into designing your web pages, lack expertise or are too busy with other important aspects of the business, hire experts offering services of web design to spice up your web presence.

    Experts not only ensure that your website seems appealing to people but they provide multiple other services that your website could do well with!

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