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    Things Your Clients Need On Your Webpage

    In a competitive business climate prevailing in the UAE, retaining your prospects on your webpage means you must provide them with the information they do not even aspire to. Thus, you must know all those unasked questions to answer them in a better way.

    And a business that fails to answer these questions on their online page is at a disadvantage.

    Essential Elements of Website Design

    Thus your company besides generating traffic to the site fails to improve conversion rates.

    Here are a few essential things which you must include in your professional website design for the Dubai market:

    1) Contact number

    It is something obvious that your customers require your phone number so that they can contact you.

    So, your website must be displaying your number and also ensure that you put number in text rather than a graphic image. As your clients might be viewing your site on their smart phones, so it will be easier for them to dial the number directly instead of writing it somewhere or memorizing it before phoning.

    2) Business Address

    People who visit your site are your potential clients. They must be visiting your shop or restaurant to purchase your products or services.

    For this, they must need your address. So you should add the address on your website in text so that your clients can navigate you by opening up their maps app.

    3) Email address

    Some of your clients may prefer to approach you via email, so it is advisable to add your email address on your site.

    This is also preferable as you cannot always respond to phone calls.

    4) Pricing

    Your clients want to know the prices of the services or products you are offering. They want to know either your price falls within their range. They may be visiting your business outlet after getting an idea of pricing.

    If your prices are high, it will facilitate weeding out clients with small budgets.

    5) Opportunity to give feedback

    Visitors also want to give feedback about your services, products and your business in general. So your site must be providing them with a chance to give their opinions.

    6) Customers want calls to action

    Your prospects want signs or buttons like “Buy now” or “click for more information” etc. if you have captive visitors on your site, you must grab them by offering clear calls to action.

    8) Discount packages and deals

    Deals and discount packages are a sure way to appeal to your clients. So your website design in Dubai must be having a page on your site that includes this list of your unique offerings.

    9) Updated website

    Many times companies do not update their website regularly. So, they miss out a lot of potential audience on their site.

    So you must consider regularly updating your site with the services, deals or any potential discount.

    There are many ways to provide new content.

    10) Responsive site

    One of the essential things your clients want is a responsive site. A responsive online page is user-friendly, easy to navigate and adjustable to the size of the customer’s screen

    Simply put, as a business owner in Dubai, you must acknowledge that your business is an unknown entity for your clients. Professional website design in Dubai will be setting your first impression, in the eyes of your customers. If your company has set the right impression it will turn to you as increased sales and business productivity.

    So, you must inspire your clients to purchase from you instead of your competitors.


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